The Top 5 Facts About iPhone


There are people who love the iPhone and then there are those that hate it. We just stumbled on it and it is such an interesting thing that there is a lot of stuff that the iPhone really innovated. At a time when Apple’s being tossed around for not producing something really innovative in almost two years, it is a good thing to take a look back at the history.

Fact #1

The iPhone kind of changed the way we text. Off-topic, without iPhones, you had never laughed your lungs out the funny autocorrects in the world.

Fact #2

The iPod changed the way people listened and carried their music and the iPhone gave an extension to this.

But with not enough memory (in 8 or 16GB models), the iPhone still lacks the kind of storage an iPod provides but if it did, the iPod line would be long dead.

Fact #3

Apps on the iPhone! At last call, several billion dollars have been spent on apps. Apple’s market share of app downloads is enormous despite the relative popularity of Android Smartphones.

And there is just one thing that I can attach to that: iOS apps are far better than most Android apps. Maybe it is got to do with the kind of strict rules that Apple enforces. Or maybe it is the kind of design aesthetic that app developers have. It can be both.

Fact #4

About 49% of the people sell their old iPhones before purchasing new ones! That is something amazing because you don’t see that for any other phone in particular.

Sure, people sell their old phones almost always but for a particular smartphone, the number is huge. What it shows is that people are willing to get their hands on used iPhones too just because of the name/brand. Of course, that is because of the quality.

Fact #5

One of the other things that iPhone revolutionized is photos. With progressively powerful iSight cameras, iPhones simply put strong cameras into people’s hands and apps like Instagram just changed the face of the world of cellphone photography. The iPhone also changed the way we do video chat. FaceTime has almost become a standard and I guess FaceTime is one of the most popular phrases right behind. Let’s Skype or maybe the latter behind the former!


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