Technology Facts – Why Facebook Is Blue?

Facebook Facts

Facebook related facts some crazy and trending facts. Do you know why the color of Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg can’t see the colors Green and Red.? In an interview, he said that he can only see the color blue. But why can’t he see the other colors? It’s called Colour Blindness.

Do you know that in 2006 a person hacked Facebook and he got a job on Facebook? His name was Chris Putnam. He changed the look of many profiles into MySpace profile look. Facebook thought that since he is well talented, so he must join us. So he got a job. It doesn’t mean that you must go and hack Facebook. You may get arrested.

Since it was a long time before Facebook has a bug bounty offer if you see any bug tell them, don’t hack. Because you’ll get some money for it equal to the pocket money of your whole year. Iceland used Facebook to rewrite their constitution in the year 2011. Since most of them use Facebook, so to take decisions they use Facebook.

Steve Chan once worked on Facebook. You may not know who he is. Steve Chan is the one who started YouTube. He worked at Facebook but left afterward and then he started his website named “YouTube”. Facebook was made for sharing text not photos but Sim Paka suggested that you are already going to make a website add the photo sharing option people would love it. Then Mark Zuckerberg added this option.

Do you know that Facebook can’t directly contact Google? Because Microsoft invested a lot to Facebook, so there might be some contract. So before any action of any property Facebook first contacts Microsoft than Google. It is weird.

At the starting Facebook was named “The Facebook”. It was a website for a university for their student as a project by Mark Zuckerberg. And it had a photo of a person. People didn’t know who it was. It was Al Puchino. Just go and search who is Al Puchino.

Do you know that in January 2009 retailers named Burger King or the Burger shops found out an offer named Whopper Sacrifice? If you will delete a friend from Facebook by sending a message saying “I have unfriended you for a Burger”, then Burger King will offer you a free Burger. Many people were unfriended at that time. Meaning is there no value for friendship at the cost of a Burger.


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