Tech Hacks to Make Life Easy and Save Money on Internet

Tech Hacks

Tech hacks which will make your life much easier and even save some money while you are on the internet! Let’s get right into it! If you are bothered about browsers like Google chrome eating up a lot of memory uses “The great suspender” add-on.

This add-on optimizes the unused tabs, to reduce the total RAM consumed. By this way, all the unused tabs are still there, but your pc is much faster than earlier.

Facing trouble in choosing the best coupon code value shopping online? You can use their browser add-on to automatically apply the best available coupon for that website. That website has a simple user interface and also will come handy if you sync your ad on across your devices.

Also, if any website provides special coupon codes only for the new users and you are too lazy to create a new mail ID for a new account for that website, you can go ahead and put dots in your Gmail ID and then use it to create a new ID in that website. The website will consider this as a new mail ID, but when they shoot the verification mail, it’ll still reach your mailbox since your Gmail doesn’t consider ‘dot’ as a character.

For example, for a mail ID [email protected], you can use [email protected] or [email protected] and still log into the same mailbox. If you ever feel that managing social network accounts and other accounts linked your main idea is difficult to go to just delete.

The website lists all the social media the other concentrated in your mail and also helps you in managing and deleting the same. It also has a browser add-on which was an icon in the browser which one-click will take you to the account deletion page of the website that you are going through.

Have you ever wonder what your phone has an auto-rotate function but not your laptop.

Actually, it does. Press Ctrl + Alt + Right arrow key together to rotate the screen by 90 degrees to the right. This comes handy in quite a lot of situations. You can revert back to normal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow key together.

If you are feeling bored and now playing chess but have a friend whom you love playing bit far away from, you don’t worry open Facebook Messenger and type ‘@fbchess play’ in the chat box with that person to start playing chess you can also type ‘@fbchess help’ to explore all the options that you have.


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