Master of Health Technology Innovation

Health Technology

The Master of Health Technology Innovation is an extraordinary degree that really allows us to combine, for the first time, a range of different extraordinary skills in science, in medicine, in engineering into one single coherent melded degree that really meets the needs of the 21st century. So increasingly we’re finding that our engineers and our technologists are coming together to work in the health system. It’s absolutely necessary that they do and that’s partly because of the changing requirements of our medical system.

Patients are requiring more and expecting more in their treatment. But also in the preventative health area, there’s a substantial need to help people manage their health and their lifestyles better and to do that, you need to bring together the advancing technologies in the area, and they’re rapidly advancing, whether in biomedical engineering or IT the development of apps and avatars to help people guide their lifestyles, manage their lifestyles, manage the way they live, tissue engineering, the use of robotics in surgery. These technologies are moving very quickly. The expectation of our patients is also advancing quickly and there isn’t, at present, any way you can bring those together in a single degree course.

The Master of Health Technology Innovation is the flagship, the first program to come out of the new Charles Perkins Centre. This degree is designed to be completed in two years full-time or part-time equivalent. The choice of units will vary depending on your professional background. If you have a health-related or technical background, you might be eligible for up to 48 credit points of recognized prior learning. This reduces the length of your degree by up to 12 months. Units of study can be completed in long intensive mode, during the evening online or through a combination of options.

The beauty of this course is that you can come in with a health background, and that could be a clinical background or it could be an Allied Health or an engineering background, or an IT background. You won’t have all of the skills you’ll need but the course gives them to you because the degree equips you to take your existing expertise, to augment it with those other areas and bring them together such that you really are a health technology innovator by the end of this degree. That’s what this degree does. It provides leadership and innovation in an area that is going to be the future of health and medicine.


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