Does Technology Need to Be Ethical?


We’re already starting to see the signs that trust in tech is eroding quickly. The average citizen is starting to feel more and more like, you are not sure that you feel good about all the way technology is interacting with your life.

Technology is already reshaping things in a way where the laws become obsolete, and certainly, the tech leaders realize now that if you’re the CEO of a major tech company, you are a political figure whether you choose to be or not. That, of course, seems to be part of the impulse behind why Mark Zuckerberg is out there campaigning. What it means is he’s got to be thinking about what the political impact of Facebook is in the world and what it means to be in his position. That’s good.

We want to encourage people to be thinking about their role in society, and their role in how governance and law evolve. We’re just starting to see the first efforts to put a set of frameworks or checklists around technology, so we can evaluate them. You’re seeing this sort of consumer-style model from the environmental impact of the servers that run this service, to the human rights aspects of whether this company discloses information to governments or protects peoples, privacy, and security.

Information Secure

What’s their track record on keeping my passwords private and not getting hacked, and we need to bring that same mindset when we evaluate the technology? It’s like if you buy this and you use it every day and you put all my personal data and information into it, is that going to result in something that makes me feel better about myself? Is it going to make me feel good about my place in the world? Will it make me feel secure about the way my private information is used? Everybody loves technology. If we’re going to be the industry that everybody pats on the back and rewards, then we’ve got an obligation to society to be worthy of all that praise.


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