6 Futuristic Technologies We Can Look Forward To

Futuristic Technologies

Home Automation

The rise of smart homes and all you have got the Philips Hue smart lighting. You have got Nest; you have got smart cameras for doorbells and now you have Alexa and other technologies like that the ability to control some functions of your home and your computer simply by speaking, or through an app, perhaps, on your phone. Alexa is great, but man, people want JARVIS or they want Samantha from Her and I don’t see why Alexa in two years or 5 in years, let alone with rises in computing power, the cloud access to that. High-speed internet and advances in AI that we can’t have that sort of thing. I think that very soon you’ll be able to control almost everything on your phone, with your voice.

Now, a sort of smart home technology is I have been able to open my car, with just having the fob in my hand for a really long time. We can do push button starts, turn on cars.

3D Printing

So right now there are a lot of people who have started to do 3D printing in their homes or at their jobs. There are these little things that you can get. In fact, you can even 3D print the 3D printers and then by downloading files from the internet or creating your own, you can print out all sorts of different things for crafts or entertainment, little knickknacks and stuff like that. But I do think that there is way more than we can do with this. So car parts, a lot of car parts, there’s no reason why they should be constructed the way they are. Why not have each dealership able to print out replacement body panels for your car. Or small parts for engines and things like that.

5G Technology

So we have lived through the rise of, I don’t even remember 2G, but 3G. We’re currently using 4G now when you can actually get access to the signal. 5G is a coming and there are a lot of advantages to it. Now, this is not something that I’m an expert on, but I do understand that one of the chief advantages is incredibly faster speeds and right now it’s already amazing what we can do with our phones or in our cars when it comes to accessing the internet.

Robotic Warfare

Now, using robots and automated planes and things like that, that’s something that our military already has. There are drones that can be controlled, both in the air and on the ground to dispose of bombs, look for bodies and even robots with shotguns and things like that mounted on them and we’re only going to see more of that. Of course, there are the predator drones and things like that.


This is the Hyperloop, and so I think a lot of people have seen the videos of the tests that are being done. Elon Musk putting out his paper for what he thinks the Hyperloop could do and by the way, if you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a vacuum sealed tube that stretches very straight and for very great distances.

And then you shoot a capsule through it, and because the air is taken away, there is little air resistance; you can go very, very fast and that means that you can traverse even the country in a very short period of time. Faster than flying for instance, now the Hyperloop is incredibly expensive.

Personal Transportation

This is coming; there are already many, many cars out there that can do a lot of the driving themselves. Now, for some, this is limited to keeping you in your lane or warning you of a collision that’s coming. But things like the Model S and the Model X are largely able to control themselves, under certain circumstances. Now imagine in a few more years of development. It’s obvious that they need complicated radars and things like that and all is going to be really important, but that is just amazing. Think about how much more productivity you could have, how much more entertainment you could consume, if you didn’t have to control your own car.


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